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Kranks - (Cat Screech).wav
Kranks - (Fall Noises, Electricy Noises) Oh Honey Are You Okay.wav
Kranks - (Ornaments Knocking).wav
Kranks - Actually It Was A Suicide Attempt, Apparently I Misread the Instructions.wav
Kranks - Alright Frosty's Dead.wav
Kranks - Alright He He He We Got Em.wav
Kranks - Alrighty Then.wav
Kranks - Bah Humbug.wav
Kranks - Do You Want To Celebrate Christmas Under Mistletoe or in a Body Bag.wav
Kranks - Does This Mean We Have To Start Being Nice To Each Other (Or Course Not) (more).wav
Kranks - Don't Move Stay Right Where You ARe.wav
Kranks - Eat This.wav
Kranks - Father Zabrinski, Hello, What Are You Doing Here. It's a Mall Nora, I'm Christmas Shopping.wav
Kranks - Have A Good One Old Man.wav
Kranks - He's Just Trying To Avoid Christmas This Year. Do What. You Heard Me.wav
Kranks - He's Kinda Weird.wav
Kranks - Hey Babe.wav
Kranks - How Do They Know Where Frosty Is. They have Spies Everywhere.wav
Kranks - I Am Not Angry, And I Will I Yell Humbug That Tells Me (more).wav
Kranks - I Am The One Taking The Brunt For Your Hair Brain Skeems, I Am The One On The Front Lines.wav
Kranks - I Can't Live Like This Any More.wav
Kranks - I Can't Talk To You, You're Just Consumed With Yourself.wav
Kranks - I Have An Idea. Oh Yeah. A Brilliant Idea.wav
Kranks - I Just Talked To Blare, She Just Called From the Plane. Do You have Any Idea How Much it Costs To Call From a Plane.wav
Kranks - I Know What I'm Talking About Here.wav
Kranks - I Might Have To Loose a Little Weight. Heck I'll Loose It For Ya.wav
Kranks - I Need A Little Help.wav
Kranks - I Would Just Love To Forget About It.wav
Kranks - I Would Like To Propose a Toast If I May.wav
Kranks - I'd Just Appreciate That You And Everyone Else Around Here Would Just Respect My Wishes.wav
Kranks - I'm Speechless.wav
Kranks - I'm Stunned.wav
Kranks - It's Just Sprinklin.wav
Kranks - It's Not Really Up To You To Decide Is It.wav
Kranks - Jerks.wav
Kranks - Make Sure You Shut The Curtains.wav
Kranks - Maybe Have You Start Putting Others First Instead of Yourself (more).wav
Kranks - Mrs Krank Likes The Big Ones.wav
Kranks - No Funny Business Right.wav
Kranks - No.wav
Kranks - Nora Do You Have a Turkey (Smoked Trout) Smoke Trout. Smoked Trout (Ewww).wav
Kranks - Oh No.wav
Kranks - Oh Yes, You Have No Idea.wav
Kranks - Perfect.wav
Kranks - Put My Hand On My Gun And Make It Look Official.wav
Kranks - Santa Always Has To Work On Christmas Eve.wav
Kranks - Stupid Idea. (uh Huh) Five Minutes Ago I Was a Genius (Yeah Well Now Your An Idiot).wav
Kranks - Take It Or Leave It.wav
Kranks - Thanks, I Really Appreciate That.wav
Kranks - They're On Our Property They Weren't Invited.wav
Kranks - This Is Going To Be Enriques First Christmas In America, I Hope We Made Good Impression.wav
Kranks - This Isn't a Joke, This is Military, This is Seal Stuff, I Saw It On The Discovery Channel.wav
Kranks - This Was All Your Stupid Idea.wav
Kranks - Wahoohooo.wav
Kranks - Well That's Funny.wav
Kranks - We're Not Doing Christmas.wav
Kranks - What A Bunch Of Loosers.wav
Kranks - What A Jerk.wav
Kranks - What.wav
Kranks - What's Up.wav
Kranks - Where Is This Going.wav
Kranks - Whoops.wav
Kranks - Who's He Gonna Call The Three Wise Men, Santa Claus. Don't Underestimate Him Honey.wav
Kranks - Why Did You Do That.wav
Kranks - Will You Two Ever Be Friends.wav
Kranks - Would You Please Tell Me What the Hell Is Going On Here.wav
Kranks - You Heard Me.wav
Kranks - You Swore On Your Kids Lives (What Kids).wav
( 68 Christmas With The Kranks Movie Clips)

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