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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you use to get the audio off of DVDs?
We use a registered version of ImTOO software, it can easily be found on the web.  They have many versions that perform different tasks.  Get the one that works for you.
What do you use to edit sound files?
We use a registered version of GoldWave.
How do you pick your movies that your post?
We are families with kids.  And most, if not all, of the movies that we have in our possession have been purchased for our kids, or family related entertainment. Then we choose which ones we think would be most popular that an individual might be looking for on the internet.
How much time does it take to get audio files from a DVD?
A typical 2 hour movie could take 4 - 5 hours from start to finish, and to get it posted on the internet.  It takes 2 hours just to listen to the movie, and another 2 - 3 to find appropriate audio files, copy the location, paste it into a new file, trim off the ends to make it sound right, possible using a fade in, or fade out technique to make it sound even better.  And yet again, there may be a part in a movie that is very quiet and the volume may need to be raised.  This all takes time!  Then, a webpage needs to be built and files typed out in detail so you know what your getting.
Why do this if it takes so much time?
It's a hobby, slow and steady, we do it at our leisure and enjoy the accomplishment in the end.  We also have built ILoveWavs.com which you might enjoy! It is full of Christmas Music, Scary Halloween Music, Party Music and other Computer Files you might find useful.

All Movie Sounds and Audio Files at AnimationSoundStation.com retain their original copyright as owned by their respective movie production companies.
All .WAV files are for educational, research, criticism, or review for movie purchase purposes. AnimationSoundStation.com holds no liability from misuse of these sound files. 

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