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icon (End Song, Oh Yeahhh).wav
Icon Ben Stein - Anyone Know What This Is, Class, Anyone Anyone, Anyone Seen This Before.wav
Icon Ben Stein - Bueller Bueller Bueller Bueller (more).wav
Icon Boy In Police Station - Drugs (Thank You No I'm Straight) I Meant Are You In Here For Drugs.wav
icon Boy In Police Station - You Don't Want To Talk About Your Problems.wav
Icon Boy In Police Station (And Cameron) - Your Problem Is You (Excuse Me) Excuse You.wav
icon Cameron - Call Me Sir, God DamnIt.wav
Icon Cameron - Can We Please Get The Hell Out Of Here, This Place Gives Me The Creeps.wav
Icon Cameron - Ferris Bueller Your My Hero.wav
Icon Cameron - I Don't Have All Day To Bark At You, So I Am Going To Make This Short And Sweet.wav
icon Cameron - If You Wouldn't Mind Excusing Sloan. I'd Appreciate It. (Oh Sure, You Just Produce A Corpse, I Want To Produce A Corpse and I'll Release Sloan) (more).wav
Icon Cameron - Look Don't Ask Me To Participate In Your Stupid Crap If You Don't Like The Way I Do It.wav
icon Cameron - Oh Shit.wav
Icon Cameron - Pardon My French, But Your An Asshole.wav
Icon Cameron - What'd I Do.wav
Icon Cameron - You Just Mind Your Ps And Qs Buster And Remember Who You're Dealing With.wav
icon Cameron (And Ferris) - God Damn Are You Kidding. (No Of Course I'm Not Kidding, Does It Sound Like I'm Kidding).wav
Icon Cameron (And Ferris) - What'd I Do, You Killed The Car.wav
icon Ferri - Oh Shet, I Have To Go.wav
Icon Ferris - (Cough Song).wav
Icon Ferris - A Man With Priorities So Far Out Of Wack Doesn't Deserve Such A Fine Automobile.wav
Icon Ferris - Darling You Were Wonderful.wav
icon Ferris - I Asked You First.wav
Icon Ferris - I Said Before And I'll Say Again. Life Moves At You Pretty Fast. If You Don't Stop And Look Around Once And A While, You Could Miss It.wav
icon Ferris - If I Had To Live In That House, I'd Probably Pray For Disease To.wav
Icon Ferris - If You Had Access To A Car Like This Would You Take It Back Right Away. Neither Would I.wav
Icon Ferris - I'm Sorry To Hear That, Now Come On Over Here And Pick Me Up.wav
Icon Ferris - Isms In My Opinion Are Not Good. A Person Should Not Believe In An Ism. He Person Should Believe In Himself.wav
icon Ferris - It Is A Piece Of Shit, Don't Worry About It, I Don't Even Have A Piece Of Shit, I Have To Envy Yours (Oh Thanks).wav
Icon Ferris - It's a Little Childish and Stupid, But Then So Is Highschool.wav
icon Ferris - Its Understanding That Makes It Possible For People Like Us To Tolerate A Person Like Yourself.wav
Icon Ferris - Life Moves Pretty Fast, If You Don't Stop and Look Around Once And A While, You Could Miss it.wav
Icon Ferris - One Of the Worst Performances Of My Career, And They Never Doubted It For a Second.wav
Icon Ferris - Pardon My French, But Cameron Is So Tight That If You Stuck A Lump Of Coal Up His Ass, In Two Weeks You'd Have A Diamond.wav
icon Ferris - Please Don't Be Upset With Me, You Have Your Health, Be Thankful.wav
Icon Ferris - Shame On You.wav
icon Ferris - Shut Up.wav
Icon Ferris - Thank You For Stopping By.wav
Icon Ferris - This Is My Ninth Sick Day This Semester. It's Getting Pretty Tough Coming Up With New Illinesess, If I Go For Ten I'm Gonna Have To Barf Up a Lung, So I Better Make This One Count.wav
Icon Ferris - To Fix The Situation, I'm Going To Have To Have To Ask You For A Small Favor.wav
icon Ferris - Where's Your Brain.wav
Icon Ferris - You Did Screw Up Thou, Right.wav
icon Ferris - Your Still Here, It's Over, Go Home, Go.wav
Icon Ferris (And Cameron) - He Doesn't Trust You (Never Has Never Will).wav
Icon Ferris (And Cameron) - You Think I Don't Care (I Know You Don't Care) That Hurts.wav
Icon Ferris (And Mr Bueller) - Maybe Your Right Dad (I Know I'm Right Pal).wav
icon Ferris (And Sloan) - What's He Doing (He's Licking The Glass And Making Obscene Gestures With His Hands) What.wav
Icon Grace - Hm Hm Hm What A Little Asshole.wav
icon Grace - Oh Ed, You Sounded Like Dirty Hairy Just Then.wav
Icon Grace - Oh Well He Is Very Popular Ed. The Sportos, Motorheads, Geeks, Sluts, Bloods, Wasteouds, Dweebies, Dick Heads. They All Adore Him, They Think He's a Rightous Dude..wav
Icon Grace (And Rooney) - Watch Your Mouth This Time (Go Suck Your Head).wav
Icon Jeanie - Bite The Big One Junior.wav
icon Jeanie - Do You Know Where She Is, Do You Know When She'll Be Back, Do You Know Anything.wav
Icon Jeanie - That's It, I Want Out Of This Family.wav
icon Jeanie - Yeah Right.wav
Icon Jeanie - You Can Dry That One Out, You Can Fertilize The Lawn.wav
Icon Ferris_Buellers_Day_Off/Jeanie (And Grace) - He Has Left The School Grounds On Personal Business (What's That Suppose To Mean) I Suppose It Means Its Personal And It's Not Of Your Business (more).wav
Icon Jeannie - Blow Yourself.wav
icon Jeannie - By The Way Mr Rooney, You Left Your Wallet On The Kitchen Floor.wav
Icon Jeannie - I Need Help.wav
icon Jeannie - I Would Also LIke To Add That I Have My Fathers Gun And A Scorching Case Of Herpes.wav
Icon Jeannie - Speak Uh De English.wav
Icon Jeannie - Why Don't You Keep Your Opinions To Yourself.wav
Icon Jeannie - Why Don't You Put Your Thumb Up Your But.wav
icon Jeannie (And Boy In Police Station) - If You Say Ferris Bueller, You Loose a Testicle (Oh You Know Him).wav
Icon Mr Bueller - Love Ya Pal.wav
icon Mr Bueller (And Ferris) - How Did You Get To Be So Sweet (Years Of Practice).wav
Icon Mrs Bueller - Honey Feel His Hands, They're Cold And Clammy.wav
Icon Mrs Bueller - Honey You're Not Going To School Like This Now.wav
Icon Mrs Bueller - You Trying To Kill Us.wav
icon Mrs Bueller (And Cameron) - Do You Know What It's Like To Pick Up Your Daughter At The Police Station (No Not Really).wav
Icon Nurse - I Heard That You Were Feeling Ill, Headache Fever and a Chill. I Came To Help And Restore Your Pluck, Cause I'm The Nurse Who Likes To (door Slam).wav
icon Rooney - He Jeopardizes My Ability to Effectively Govern This Student Body (Makes You Look Like An Ass Is What He Does Ed).wav
Icon Rooney - I Did Not Achieve This Position In Life By Having Some Snot Nose Punk Leave My Cheese Out In The Wind.wav
Icon Rooney - I Don't Trust This Kid Any Further Than I Can Throw Him.wav
Icon Rooney - I Had A Grandmother Once, Two Actually.wav
icon Rooney - Looking For This.wav
Icon Rooney - Wake Up And Smell The Coffee Ms. Bueller. It's a Fools Paradise, He Is Just Leading You Down The Primrose Path.wav
icon Rooney - You Know Sir I Would Never Deliberty Insult You Like That, I I Can't Begin To Tell You How Embarassed I Am.wav
Icon Rooney - You Shit Head.wav
Icon Rooney - You're In Big Trouble Buster.wav
Icon Rooney (And Cameron) - I Think I Owe You An Apology Sir (Well I Should Say You Do) I I.wav
icon Sloane - I Want To Thank You For Your Warmth And Compassion.wav
Icon Sloane (And Ferris) - Do You Think Cameron Is Going To Be Okay (Oh Yeah, Sure, Yeah, For the First Time In His Life0.wav
icon Student 01 (And Jeanie) - I'm Really Sorry About Your Brother (What Are You Sorry For I Have To Live With The Trouser Snake).wav
Icon Student 02 - You Heartless Wench.wav
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