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icon Charles - Any questions.wav
Icon Charles - Can we atleast crack a window, I'm roasting in here.wav
Icon Charles - I just want to warn you, I am very ticklish.wav
Icon Charles - Let's go outside and make a fertility godess.wav
icon Charles - Not again.wav
Icon Charles - There is not such thing as magic, everything has an explanation. The proper term is science.wav
icon Charles - What's that for.wav
Icon Children - I think it should only snow one day a year for the winter carnival. After that I wish it would melt so we can have ten months of summer vacation (yeah right).wav
Icon Children - Ten months of summer and a beach party in January (A picnic) (A vollyball tournament) That's right, no more snow.wav
Icon Children (And Charles) - I don't think snow is so important. My dad says it causes heart attacks (He must have snow confused with chili dogs).wav
icon Friend - You're kidding.wav
Icon Frosty - I don't want to underdress, but if I can get away with a tank top or more cashhzz.wav
icon Frosty - Nooooo.wav
Icon Frosty - oh no you don't. If you want to take something, take the tie, unless you think I need it.wav
Icon Frosty - Oh no.wav
Icon Frosty - One friend is a lot different then no friends kid. One friend is plenty.wav
icon Frosty - Sheesh, imagine that.wav
Icon Frosty - So what do you say that we find a safer place to talk, say Siberia.wav
icon Frosty - That's not what your friends say.wav
Icon Frosty - Upset. Upset is waking up and finding out somebody forgot to give you a belly button. Upset is finding out somebody stole your nose to play fooseball (more).wav
Icon Frosty - What are you talking about.wav
Icon Frosty - You got to be kidding me.wav
icon Frosty - You only live once.wav
Icon Frosty - You're right.wav
icon Holly - Do you want to help or not.wav
Icon Holly - Don't leave Frosty.wav
Icon Holly - Don't wiggle, just close your eyes and relax.wav
Icon Holly - I don't have any friends.wav
icon Holly - I let you down didn't I.wav
Icon Holly - I'm going mom.wav
icon Holly - It was terrible.wav
Icon Holly - It's just your basic every day, cut off your head in three strokes hand saw.wav
Icon Holly - Maybe later.wav
Icon Holly - Now ya ready.wav
icon Holly - Please.wav
Icon Holly - Shhhh, hurry.wav
icon Holly - That's it, come on.wav
Icon Holly - This is terrible.wav
Icon Holly - When ever I try to talk my mouth get's all dry and my hands get all clammy.wav
Icon Holly - Who are you.wav
icon Holly - Yes.wav
Icon Holly - You must be thinking of somebody else, I'm not famous.wav
icon Holly - Your product is dangerous. What's convenient for today is not always safe for tomorrow.wav
Icon Holly (And Charles) - What's that (Snow, I was saving it in the freezer for an experiement. But I figure Frosty needs it more than me).wav
Icon Holly (and Charles) Charles do you want to help or not. (Of course I do, but I'm a scholar not a meatloaf).wav
Icon Holly (And Frosty) - The best kind of magic that only winter brings, comes in a big snowy bundle that dances and sings (Now can somebody give me a B flat).wav
icon Holly (And Frosty, and Mom) - He doesn't believe there is anything in the world that can't be explained. (Like say a snowman doing a cartwheel or singing or singing poochini. Or maybe dancing a mean mambo) (Holly well there you are, you locked your best friend in a box and just ran off. Now how are you going to feel when poor Charles grows up and has to join a support group.wav
Icon Holly (And Frosty, Charles) - Hey Charles this is Frosty (Nice to meet ya, I take it he doesn't dance) What are you looking for (Batteries) Lighten up kid, something just can't be explained.wav
icon Holly (And Mom) - What is this stuff (Well it's the greatest invention since microwave pancakes. It's called Summer Weeze, And you thought you were the only magician in the family, huh.Didn't yuh, didn't yuh.wav
Icon Merle - Incredible.wav
Icon Mom - Now how are you going to feel, when poor Charles grows up and has to join a support group.wav
Icon Mom - There could only be one king in this crowd.wav
icon Mom - Watch this.wav
Icon Mr Twitchel - Call Security.wav
icon Mr Twitchel - Don't just sit there you over grown bag of lint. Get them.wav
Icon Mr Twitchel - Little girl, I think you're hat's too tight.wav
Icon Mr Twitchel - Now, as I was saying.wav
Icon Mr Twitchel - Removing snows a breeze, with one blast of summer Weeze, Hm, catchy isn't it.wav
icon Mr Twitchel - That makes you prince, tuna breath.wav
Icon Mr Twitchel - What do you want.wav
icon Mr Twitchel - Why don't you leave me alone.wav
Icon Mr Twitchel - You heard me.wav
Icon Mr Twitchel - You've made your point small fry.wav
Icon Narrator - Ah, there is nothing like the first snow of the season.wav
icon Narrator - If my calculations are right.wav
Icon Narrator - Plenty of parking space.wav
icon Narrator - Some folks say, you want to really want to see the country take a bus or hop a train, ride a bike. Me, I'm an old fashion kinda guy, stick to what I know (more).wav
Icon Reporter - There's seven inches of that fluffy stuff on the ground already and you know what that means (No school. No school. Yeah).wav
Icon Song, Frosty the Snowman.wav
Icon Song, Let There Be Snow 01.wav
icon Song, Let There Be Snow 02.wav
Icon Song, We Love the Snow,Oh No, Not Snow.wav
icon Teacher - Before you know it, this darn snow turns into slush. And where's there's slush there's ice and where's there's ice there's broken hips, and where there's broken hips (more).wav
Icon Teacher - Is this how you spend your day off young lady, organizing a game of tackle the teacher.wav
Icon Teacher - It's no winter wonderland when you're skating into a telephone pole.wav
Icon Teacher - Not that I don't like the snow, I just prefer it in it's proper place. Like on mountain tops and poetry and songs by Bing Crosby.wav
icon Teacher - Simmer down now, where do you think you are, MTV.wav
Icon Teacher - Why don't you save your story for tomorrow's composition.wav
icon Teacher - Young lady a school desk is no place for poultry, unless you choose to present as a science project.wav
Icon Teacher (And Mr Twitchel) - But sir what about the environment, this product may cause... (Bones hit the button - any other objections. Good, let the fun begin).wav
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