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Icon Boy - We're building a snow man Karen. You build the head. The head is the most difficult part, ask anyone. What shall we call him.wav
icon Frosty - (Laughing) What do ya know, I'm even ticklish.wav
Icon Frosty - Great.wav
Icon Frosty - Happy Birthday (Children gasp).wav
icon Frosty - Hocus we have to find someone to get Karen home before she freezes, and me to the North Pole before I melt. But Who.wav
Icon Frosty - I am alive.wav
Icon Frosty - I said my first words, but snowman can't talk.wav
icon Frosty - I'll be back on Christmas day.wav
Icon Frosty - No. Don't.wav
Icon Frosty - Stay in here much longer and I'll really make a splash in the world (he he he).wav
icon Frosty - Uh oh.wav
Icon Frosty - What a neat thing to happen to a nice guy like me.wav
Icon Frosty - Why didn't I think of that before.wav
icon Frosty (And Karen) - Happy Birthday (That hat brought Frosty to life, it must be magic).wav
Icon Girl - Look, the hats back, let's see if it will make Frosty alive again.wav
Icon Girl (And conductor) - But we don't have any money (No money, no ticket).wav
icon Girl (And Frosty) - You've got to go some place where you'll never melt (The only place I'll never melt is the North Pole).wav
Icon Girl (And Magician) - You saw it happen. (I saw nothing of the kind).wav
Icon Karen - How about Frosty. (Frosty) Yeah Frosty it is. Frosty the Snowman (yeah yeah).wav
icon Karen (And Frosty) - (Sneeze) Are you cold Karen, now that's a silly question.wav
Icon Karen (And Frosty) - But you will melt. (Just a little. I will only stay inside for a minute. Besides, I've been meaning to take off a little weight anyway).wav
Icon Karen (And Frosty) - You just can't melt (Oh Karen, don't you get all slushy too).wav
icon Magician - (Kids singing Frosty) Come back here you.wav
Icon Magician - And just what are you going to do about it.wav
Icon Magician - And so I put the magic eggs into my hat. Abracada to coin the phrase. And wahlaa, the eggs have turned into messy messy messy.wav
icon Magician - Don't talk back to your elders.wav
Icon Magician - Magic. My hat magic.wav
Icon Magician - Now I've got you.wav
icon Magician - Oh a camp fire, well isn't that all snug and comfy. ha ha ha (blow).wav
Icon Magician - Oh that's not fair.wav
Icon Magician - The only thing this hat is good for is the trash can.wav
icon Magician - They'll be no carrots for Christmas.wav
Icon Magician - Wait a minute. I want that hat and I want it now.wav
Icon Magician - Well don't bother me with details.wav
icon Magician - Where is that rabbit.wav
Icon Magician - You silly children, believe everything you see.wav
Icon Magician (And Karen) - If that hat is magic, I want it back (But it's not yours anymore, you threw it away).wav
icon Narrator - For when the first snow is also a Christmas snow, well something wonderful is bound to happen.wav
Icon Narrator - Hocus explained the situation to Santa. Who as you know, speaks affluent rabbit.wav
Icon Narrator - Now Professor Hinkle, was just about the worst magician in the world.wav
icon Police Officer - Stop stop stop.wav
Icon Santa - Now you go home and write I am very sorry for what I did to Frosty a hundred zillion times.wav
Icon Santa (And Frosty) - Come on Frosty we're all waiting for you.wav
icon Song, Frosty The Snowman.wav
Icon Sound Effect - (Children Laughing).wav
Icon Sound Effect - (Train horn).wav
icon Sound Effect - (Train Whistle).wav
Icon Sound Effect - (Whistle Blow).wav
Icon Teacher - (Laughing) Children back to your seats, the snow can wait.wav
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