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Great Pumpkin - (Laugh).wav
Great Pumpkin - (Snoopy Laugh).wav
Great Pumpkin - A Person Should Always Choose A Costume Which Is In Direct Contrast To Their Own Personality.wav
Great Pumpkin - Bluck, My Lips Touched Dog Lips.wav
Great Pumpkin - Boy Is He Strange.wav
Great Pumpkin - Charge (Foot Patters, Leaves Crunching) Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker..wav
Great Pumpkin - Dear Great Pumpkin, I Look Forward To Your Arrival On Halloween Night, I Hope You Will Bring Me Lots Of Presents.wav
Great Pumpkin - Do I Get To Go Trick Or Treating This Year (More, Are You Sure It's Legal).wav
Great Pumpkin - Everyone Tells Me Your A Fake, But I Believe In You.wav
Great Pumpkin - He'll Never Learn.wav
Great Pumpkin - I Don't Understand It, I Went Trick Or Treating, And All I Got Was A Bag Full of Rocks.wav
Great Pumpkin - I Got a Candy Bar, (more, I Got A Rock).wav
Great Pumpkin - I Got A Pop Corn Ball, (more, I Got A Rock).wav
Great Pumpkin - I Got Five Pieces Of Candy, (more, I got a Rock).wav
Great Pumpkin - I Have My Reputation To Think Of You Know.wav
Great Pumpkin - I Thought Little Girls Believed Everything That Was Told To Them (more).wav
Great Pumpkin - I Was Robbed.wav
Great Pumpkin - If You Try To Hold My Hand I'll Slug You.wav
Great Pumpkin - Linus Speech About The Great Pumpkin Arrival.wav
Great Pumpkin - Look All Around And Not A Sign Of Hypocrisy (more).wav
Great Pumpkin - Making A Yearly Fool Of Himself.wav
Great Pumpkin - Oh Brother.wav
Great Pumpkin - Oh Good Grief.wav
Great Pumpkin - Owl Hoot.wav
Great Pumpkin - Peculiar Thing About This Document, It Was Never Notarized.wav
Great Pumpkin - Stupid, What Do You Mean Stupid.wav
Great Pumpkin - Thanks Old Pal.wav
Great Pumpkin - There Are Three Things I've Learned Never To Discuss With People. Religion. Politics. And The Great Pumpkin.wav
Great Pumpkin - They Are Obviously Seperated By Denominational Differences.wav
Great Pumpkin - This Is The Time Of Year To Write To Great Pumpkin (more).wav
Great Pumpkin - Well Let's Face It, Santa Claus Has Had More Publicity.wav
Great Pumpkin - What A Fool I Was.wav
Great Pumpkin - You Better Cut It Out Or I'll Pound You.wav
Great Pumpkin - You Didn't Tell Me You Were Gonna Kill It.wav
Great Pumpkin - You Just Want Me To Run Up, To Kick That Ball, So You Can Pull It Away, So I Can Fall Flat On My Back, So I Can Kill Myself.wav
Great Pumpkin - You Must Be Crazy.wav
Great Pumpkin - You Must Think I'm Stupid.wav
Great Pumpkin - You Owe Me Restitution.wav
Great Pumpkin - You've Heard About Fury And A Woman Scorned Haven't You.wav
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