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icon Misfit Toys - (Blow Nose).wav
Icon Misfit Toys - (Harp).wav
Icon Misfit Toys - (Phone Ring).wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Ain't It Tragic.wav
icon Misfit Toys - All I Ever Wanted Was (Glow Your Nose Rudolph) Was To Be Like Everybody Else (Come On Champ, Let's See the Trick With The Disco Ball) (more).wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Attention Passenger, This Is Hermes Your Pilot Speaking. No Need To Panic, Everything Is Under Control (Were Doooomed).wav
icon Misfit Toys - Before, After. Fabulous No.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - But It's a Fickle Love That Never Lasts.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - By Golly, How Does One Catch Such a Slippery Scoundrel.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Do You Have Any Idea, How Much Trouble You Caused.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Don't Worry, We're Going To Catch That Crook.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Everyone In Christmas Town Knows, It's So Obvious.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Eye Eye Captain.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Fear Me.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Gee Guys Thanks.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Got One Word For You My Friend.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Great Bouncing Icebergs, That's How He Absconded With Our Toys.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Guards Throw Them In The Dungeon, For Three Hundred Years. (But He's a Dentist) (And He's a Beloved Holiday Icon).wav
icon Misfit Toys - Have A Little Faith In Yourself.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - He Sure Gets Around Doesn't He.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - He's Got A Very Shiny Nose (It's Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer).wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Hmf.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Hmm.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho.wav
icon Misfit Toys - How About a Flying Lesson Tomorrow Clarise (Really, I Mean Your Not To Busy Being So Famous And All) You Want To Earn Your Wings Don't Yah.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - How Peculiar.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - I Ain't Fallin For That Ole Trick.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - I Became the Toy Taker, To Spare Other Toys From the Eternal Darkness of Cardboard Boxes and the Heroing Indignity of the Trash Heap.wav
icon Misfit Toys - I Need Change.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - I Read About You In The Papers, You're Not Our Friend, Your a Crook.wav
icon Misfit Toys - I Told You Not To Tell Me That.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - I Told You, Sooner Or Later, Everyone Needs To See Their Dentist. (Enough With Gloating) Open Wide Now. This Won't Hurt a Bit.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - If Only I Had Me Some Rope (Will Dental Floss Do) It Just Might Dentist (Waxed Or UnWaxed) Mint or Cherry (Just Give Me That).wav
Icon Misfit Toys - It's Beautiful.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Let's See Who He Really Is.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Lies Lies Lies.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Mr Rudolph Sir. May I have Your Autograph.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - My Real Name Is Mr. Cuddles.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Name's Scoop T Snowman, Ace Reporter for The Christmas Town Chronical (more).wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Nice To Meet All Of Ya.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Nothing To Fear I'm A Professional.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Oh Dear.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Ohhh, The Pain, The Pain.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Please.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Ready For Our Date Sugar.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Rudolph's Got a Plan Right, Right. What's The Plan Champ.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Silence.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - So Who Cares What Other People Think, We Are Who We Are, Right.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Someone Must Have Seen Something Last Night.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Song, Beautiful Like Me.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Song, Best Christmas Ever.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Song, Here In The Night Just You And Me.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Song, I'm a Wonderful Guy The Toy Taker.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Song, Island of Misfit Toys.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Song, Keep Your Chin Up, Keep Your Shoulders Back.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Song, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Song, The Teddy Bear's Sad Song.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Sorry Mate.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Sorry Mate.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Surrender Toy Taker. (I Don't Know The Meaning Of The Word) It Means You Give Up.wav
icon Misfit Toys - That Hurt (uh uh) That Hurt (uh huh) How About (AHHH).wav
Icon Misfit Toys - That Was The Happiest Day Of My Life.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - The Awful Truth, I'm Afraid of Heights, Ain't It Tragic.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - There's Just Not Enough Time.wav
icon Misfit Toys - They'll Toss You Aside Like Yesterday's Trash (Gasp).wav
Icon Misfit Toys - To The Scene Of The Crime.wav
icon Misfit Toys - Tut Tut Tut.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Wait a Minute.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Was That A Yes Or A No.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Watch It Boys He's Got A Tooth Brush (And I Know How To Use It To).wav
icon Misfit Toys - Well Done, All Of You.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - We're Here To Rescue You.wav
icon Misfit Toys - What Was Wrong With Our Old Homes (They Were Infested With Children).wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Whoaaa.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Why Don't We Look For Clues.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - YOU Again.wav
icon Misfit Toys - You Lookin Pretty Fabulous.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - You Musint Blame Yourself.wav
icon Misfit Toys - You Sure Are Popular Rudolph.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - You'll Never Catch Me (Never Say Never).wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Your Five Penny Tour, Yes.wav
Icon Misfit Toys - Your Yanking My Tail.wav
icon Misfit Toys - You're Pretty Fabulous, Just The Way You Are.wav
(83 Island of Misfit Toys Movie Sounds and Audio Clips)

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