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icon Charlie - My name is all wrong. No child wants to play with a Charlie in the Box. That why I had to come here..wav
Icon Charlie (And Yukon) - Halt, who goes there (Why us of course) Well then that's okay.wav
Icon Clarice - Oh why doesn't he get it over with.wav
Icon Clarice - Rudolph, I think you're cute.wav
icon Clarice - Why any doe would consider herself lucky to be with you.wav
Icon Clarice - Yes sir.wav
icon Clarice (And Rudolph) - Is there something wrong with your nose.wav
Icon Clarice's Dad - There is one thing that I'm going to make very plain. No doe of mine is going to be seen with a red-nosed reindeer.wav
Icon Coach - From now we won't let Rudolph join in any reindeer game. Right, right (laughing).wav
Icon Connick - My name is connick and even thou I'm your instructor, I wanna be your pal. Right, right.wav
icon Connick - Now now now what's this nonsense here bucks (Crowd Gasp).wav
Icon Connick - The whole trick is to get up enough speed and jumping into the wind. Got it. Go ahead.wav
icon Connick - We all wanna pull Santa's sleigh one day, so we must learn to fly.wav
Icon Connick - You go first.wav
Icon Donner - Come here boy.wav
Icon Donner - Get out there and do your stuff. Remember, you're my little bud.wav
icon Donner - I knew that nose would be useful some day. I knew it all along.wav
Icon Donner - No Santa's right, he'll never make the sleigh team.wav
icon Donner - Put it there son.wav
Icon Donner - There are more important things than comfort - Self Respect.wav
Icon Donner - Wait a minute, I've got it. We'll hide Rudolph's nose.wav
Icon Donner - You'll be a normal little buck just like every body else, like a chip off the ole antlers.wav
icon Elf - Latest weather report sir.wav
Icon Elf - Wasn't our fault boss.wav
icon Fireball - Besides, it's a great way to show in front of the does. Come on.wav
Icon Fireball - Hey what do ya know, one of them likes ya.wav
Icon Group (And Rudolph, Sam) - YUKON (He's gone, Yukon is gone) Well, the are all very sad at the loss of their friend.wav
Icon Head Elf - And a one-uh and a two-uh and a three-uh.wav
icon Head Elf - Finish the job, or you're fired.wav
Icon Head Elf - Good Grief.wav
icon Head Elf - Now listen you.wav
Icon Head Elf - Now you come to elf practice and learn how to wiggle your ears, and chuckle warmly, and go he he and ho ho, and important stuff like that.wav
Icon Head Elf - What's eatin ya boy.wav
Icon Head Elf - You're an elf, and elves make toys.wav
icon Head Elf (And Hermey) - Do you mind telling me what you do want to do (Well someday I'd like to be a dentist) A Dentist.wav
Icon Hermey - I guess I'm on my own now.wav
icon Hermey - Not happy in my work I guess.wav
Icon Hermey - Now this won't hurt a bit.wav
Icon Hermey (And Head Elf) - I just thought I found a way to fit in (You'll never fit it).wav
Icon Hermey (And Rudolph) - But I Don't need anybody, I'm I'm independent (yeah, me to, I'm what you said) Hey what do you say we both be independent together (You wouldn't mind my red nose).wav
icon Hermey (And Rudolph) - Oh is this your snowbank (no, who are you) Well actually I'm a dentist.wav
Icon Hermey (And Yukon) - Never known a bumble that would turn down a pork dinner for deer meat, do your stuff (oink oink) Put some heart into it, that bumbles hungry (oink Oink Oink).wav
icon King Moonracer - A toy is never truely happy until it is loved by a child.wav
Icon King Moonracer (and Rudolph, Yukon) - Come closer. What do you desire (Well we're a couple of misfits from Christmas Town, and we would like to live here) No that would not be possible (more).wav
Icon Maney - Oh dear, I better set up an appointment for you. A week from Tuesday, 4-30 sharp.wav
Icon Mean Reindeer - I thought you were gone for good, hey look who's back. Ole neon nose.wav
icon Mrs Claus (And Santa) - Eat papa eat. (How can I eat, that silly elf song is driving me crazy) You're going to disappoint the children, they expect a fat Santa.wav
Icon Mrs Claus (And Santa) - Mama (Now shake when you laugh. ho ho. ho ho. ho ho ho ho) Now that's my Santa.wav
icon Mrs. Claus - Papa are you sure.wav
Icon Mrs. Claus - Papa you haven't touched a morsel, I'll have to take this suit in, eat..wav
Icon Mrs. Claus - Who ever heard of a skinny Santa, eat, eat.wav
Icon Rudolph - Bye bye.wav
icon Rudolph - Mom, Pa, I'm home.wav
Icon Rudolph - We're all misfits too. Maybe we could stay here a while.wav
icon Rudolph - You really think so.wav
Icon Rudolph (And Charlie) - Well you'd have to get permission from King Moon Racer (Who's he) He Rules Here.wav
Icon Rudolph (And Charlie, and Hermey) - Who are you (I'm the official centry of the Island of Misfit Toys) A jack in the box for a centry (Yes my name is) Don't tell me - Jack (No, Charlie) (more).wav
Icon Rudolph (And Fireball) - (Glow Noise) For crying out loud (Fireball what's the matter) Get away, get away from me.wav
icon Rudolph (And Yukon) - But but you went over the side of the cliff (Didn't I ever tell you about bumbles. Bumbles bounce) (Laughing).wav
Icon Rudolph (And Yukon) - Uh mister, where are we going (You're going to stay with me and we'll all be rich).wav
icon Rudolph (And Yukon) Who are you (Who am I. The name is Yukon Cornelius. The greatest prospector in the north, this is my land, and you know it's rich with gold. Gold and silver, silver and gold.wav
Icon Rudolph (Rudolphs Mom, and Donner) - (Glow noises) He's got a shiney nose (I'd even say it glows).wav
Icon Rudolph (Santa and Donner) - Santa (Glow noise) Great bouncing ice bergs (I'm sure it will stop when he grows up sir) (Well let's hope so if he wants to make the sleigh team some day).wav
Icon Rudolph, Rudolph, (well what do you want0 You promised to walk me home (ARen't you going to laugh at my nose) I think it's a much better nose.wav
icon Rudolphs Mom (And Donner) - Well we'll simply have to over look that (How can you overlook that, his beak blinks like a beepin bleaking).wav
Icon Sam - (Abominable evil laugh) Tell me when it's over.wav
icon Sam - Business goes on as usual.wav
Icon Sam - I call it Christmas town, better known as the north pole.wav
Icon Sam - I love this Christmasy time of year.wav
Icon Sam - Nice around here isn't it.wav
icon Sam - So they make it back, and when everybody hears their story. They start to realize maybe they were a little hard on the misfits. Maybe misfits have a place too (more).wav
Icon Sam - Well for the first year the Donner's did a pretty good job of hiding Rudolphs - non conformity.wav
icon Sam - Well pull up an ice block and lend an ear.wav
Icon Sam (And Song) - Well folks, as for the rest of the story (He'll go down in history).wav
Icon Santa - Every year I shine up my gear for eithe lucky reindeer.wav
Icon Santa - I've got some bad news folks.wav
icon Santa - Ok Rudolph, full power. First stop, the Island of Misfit Toys.wav
Icon Santa - The storm won't subside by tonight. We'll have to cancel Christmas.wav
icon Santa - Up up and away.wav
Icon Santa - Well Donner, where's the new member of the family.wav
Icon Santa - Well hi there, aren't you the sturdy little fellow. Ho Ho Ho.wav
Icon Santa - Well, it needs work.wav
icon Santa (And Rudolph) - Ready Rudolph. (Ready Santa) Ok Rudolph full power.wav
Icon Santa (And Rudolph) - What I'm trying to say is. Rudolph with your nose so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight (It will be an honor sir).wav
icon Song Clip by Herby, Why Am I Such a Misfit.wav
Icon Song Clip by Rudolph, Why Am I Such a Misfit.wav
Icon Song clip, You Can't fire me, I Quit.wav
Icon Song, Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.wav
icon Song, Island of Misfit Toys.wav
Icon Song, Jingle Jangle Jingle.wav
icon Song, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.wav
Icon Song, Silver and Gold.wav
Icon Song, There's always tomorrow for dreams to come true.wav
Icon Song, We Are Santa's Elves.wav
icon Song, We're a Couple of Misfits.wav
Icon Sound Effect - (Sleigh Bells).wav
icon Teasing Reindeer (And Coach) - Hey look at the beak. (more) (Stop calling me names) Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (Donner you should be ashamed of yourself, what a pity he had a nice take off too).wav
Icon Toy (And Charlie) - Wait a minute. What's that, is it, is it. (It sure is, it's Santa, and look Rudolph is leading the way.) You see his nose from here.wav
Icon Yukon - (Knock) Open up, it isn't a fit night out for man nor beast (Door Squeak).wav
Icon Yukon - Douse your nose and run like crazy.wav
icon Yukon - Here's the man, and here's the beast (gasp) Now calm down, calm down. I reformed this bumble. He wants a job. Looky what he can do, and he doesn't even need a step ladder (ding).wav
Icon Yukon - I tell you, you're looking at a mighty humble bumble.wav
icon Yukon - I'll give you a lift, hope aboard maties.wav
Icon Yukon - Let's get some shut eye.wav
Icon Yukon - Mush, Mush, Don't you understand North Pole Talk. Mush. Hey you get frost bit that way.wav
Icon Yukon - Never known a bumble that would turn down a pork dinner for deer meat.wav
icon Yukon - Peppermint, what I've been searching for all my life. I've struck it rich. I've got me a peppermint mine.wav
Icon Yukon - Terrible weather we've been having, snow and ice. ha ha ha.wav
icon Yukon - Wahooo.wav
Icon Yukon (And Hermey) - Fog is this as peanut butter. (You mean pea soup) You what you like, and I'll eat what I like..wav
Icon Yukon (And Hermey) - I got an idea, listen (uh huh yes, no bad it might work).wav
Icon Yukon (And Hermey) - Land hooo (No kidding).wav
icon Yukon (And Hermey) - Silver (I thought you wanted gold) I changed my mind.wav
Icon Yukon (And Hermy) - Why blast your hairy bumble hide (Don't let this big blow hard worry you any more, just walk right past him).wav
icon Yukon (And Rudolph) - Gad Zooks, the abomiblde snow man of the north strikes again (It's my nose, it's keeps giving us away).wav
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