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Donkey - (Gasp).wav
Donkey - (roar) That was Really Scary.wav
Donkey - Before This Over I'm Going To Need A Whole Lot Of Serious Therapy. Look At My Eye Twitchin.wav
Donkey - Cool.wav
Donkey - Do I Detect a Hint Of Minty Freshness.wav
Donkey - Hey Pinochio Do You Want To Watch That Nose Man.wav
Donkey - Hey, I Can Fly. He Can Fly. (more).wav
Donkey - I Can Change Please. Give Me Another Chance.wav
Donkey - I Think I Need A Hug.wav
Donkey - In The Morning, I'm Making Waffles.wav
Donkey - Man, I Like You. What's Your Name.wav
Donkey - Oh Pick Me, I Know, I Know. Me. Me..wav
Donkey - Oh What Large Teeth You Have.wav
Donkey - Reaking of Femine Beauty.wav
Donkey - Shrek.wav
Donkey - That Is Unwanted Physical Contact.wav
Donkey - That Just Makes Me Feel So Much Better.wav
Donkey - That Was Really Scary.wav
Donkey - That's Right Fool.wav
Donkey - This Is Gonna Be Great (more).wav
Donkey - Wow, Let's Do That Again.wav
Donkey - You Are Mean to Me. You Insult Me. And You Don't Appreciate Anything That I Do..wav
Donkey - You Definitely Need Some Tic Tacs Or Something.wav
Donkey - You Gotta Let Me Stay, Please, Please.wav
Donkey - You Know What I Mean.wav
Donkey - You Might Have Seen A House Fly Or A Super Fly (more).wav
Donkey and Shrek - Let's Do That Again. No, no, no.wav
Donkey and Shrek - Let's Do That Again.wav
Donkey and Shrek - Shrek Did you do That. You Have To Warn Someone. My Mouth Was Open And Everything (more).wav
Dreamworks Animation Tune.wav
Feona - (Karate Chop Yell).wav
Feona - Hey.wav
Feona - I Don't Know Who You Think You Are.wav
Feona - I Got To Kick Some But, You Know What I'm Saying.wav
Feona - I Said Goodnight.wav
Feona - Look Pal, I Don't Know Who You Think You Are.wav
Feona - Look Pal.wav
Feona - Man That Was Annoying.wav
Feona - No It's Perfect. It Just Needs A Few Homey Touches.wav
Feona - Take This Favor (more).wav
Feona and Shrek - Good Night. Good Night.wav
Feona and Shrek - It Talks. Yeah, It's Getting Him To Shut Up That's The Trick.wav
Feona and Shrek - There's An Arrow In Your Butt. What, Oh Would You Look At That.wav
Gingerbread Cookie - God Bless Everyone.wav
Gingerbread Cookie - I'll Tell You. Do You Know The Muffin Man (more).wav
Gingerbread Cookie - Not My Gum Drop Buttons.wav
Gingerbread Cookie - You're A Monster.wav
Lord Farquat and Shrek - Ug. Well That's Not Very Nice, It's Just A Donkey. Indeed.wav
Pinochio - I'm Not A Puppet I'm A Real Boy.wav
Shrek - (All Star Music Clip) Hey now your an allstar get your game on.wav
Shrek - (All Star Music Clip) Only shootin stars break the mold.wav
Shrek - (Boxing Ring Ding).wav
Shrek - (Chord Strike).wav
Shrek - (Dragon UnHappy Roar).wav
Shrek - (Dulock Is A Perfect Place Song).wav
Shrek - (Dungeon Door Close,open).wav
Shrek - (Fun End Song).wav
Shrek - (Harp).wav
Shrek - (Intro).wav
Shrek - (Music 01).wav
Shrek - (Music 02).wav
Shrek - (Music when Feona Transforms).wav
Shrek - Better Out Than In, I Always Say.wav
Shrek - Can't We Just Settle This Over A Pint.wav
Shrek - Do You Think Maybe He's Compensating For Something.wav
Shrek - End of Story, Bye Bye, See ya later.wav
Shrek - Good Night (Door Slam).wav
Shrek - Hi, Everybody.wav
Shrek - Huh.wav
Shrek - It's No Wonder You Don't Have Any Friends.wav
Shrek - Karaoke Fun Alternate Song.wav
Shrek - Look I'm Not The One With The Problem. It's The World That Seems To Have A Problem With Me.wav
Shrek - No Do You Think.wav
Shrek - Now Let's Go.wav
Shrek - Oh Come On. I Was Just Kidding.wav
Shrek - Oh Really, You And What Army.wav
Shrek - Oh, I'm Sorry.wav
Shrek - OK.wav
Shrek - Oww.wav
Shrek - Stubborn Jackass.wav
Shrek - That Wasn't In The Job Description. Maybe It's A Perk.wav
Shrek - Two Things. Shut. Up.wav
Shrek - Uh Oh 1.wav
Shrek - Uh Oh 2.wav
Shrek - Was It Shakespear or Was It Kermit That Said. It's Not Easy Being Green.wav
Shrek - Well I Have To Save My Ass.wav
Shrek - Well That's Not Very Nice.wav
Shrek - What A Load Of (flush).wav
Shrek - What Are You Doing In My Swamp.wav
Shrek - What Do I Have To Do, To Get A Little Privacy.wav
Shrek - Where Is Everybody.wav
Shrek - Yeah so what.wav
Shrek - You Thought Wrong.wav
Shrek and Donkey - (burp) Shrek. What It's a Compliment. That Is No Way To Behave In Front Of a Princess. That Is No Way To Behave In Front Of A Princess (more).wav
Shrek and Donkey - Ogres Are Like Onions, They Stink.wav
(95 Shrek Sound Files)

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