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Alien - And don't come back.wav
Alien - Fooling these earth voters is easy.wav
Bart - But you'll kill both of us.wav
Bart - Did you guys hear something moving around in the attic last night.wav
Bart - Hey what is this Goo, you trying to grow a friend.wav
Bart - Oh Don't Look so shocked.wav
Bart - Sooner or later you'll let your guard down.wav
Bart - Sure you were Rummy.wav
Bart - What do you want from me.wav
Bart - You expect me to believe all this, if any of it were true wouldn't I have a big hideous scar right (scream).wav
Bart - You're Crazy.wav
Bart (and Hugo) - You're hear aren't you (Yes Bart, I never left you).wav
Bart (and Lisa) - Hey Lisa, check out my science project (shock noise) (OW, What's that suppose to prove) That Nerds Conduct Electricity.wav
Bart (and Lisa) - Whoops my fingers slipped, oops my finger slipped, whoops my finger slipped (Bart).wav
Bob Dole - Hey, who the hell are you.wav
Bob Dole - Time to tear those aliens a third corn shoot.wav
Doctor - A monsterous irregularity.wav
Doctor - A routine soul smear confirmed the presense of pure evil.wav
Doctor - All those years caged up in here, why you've probably never even seen yourself a mirror have you, here.wav
Doctor - And hillbillies preferred to be sons of the soil, but it ain't gonna happen.wav
Doctor - Care for a drum stick Hugo.wav
Doctor - He couldn't have been the evil left twin, that means the evil twin is and always has been Bart.wav
Doctor - Hugo Stop.wav
Doctor - I think there's a way to set everything right.wav
Doctor - It was then I knew the only option was to seperate you two immediately.wav
Doctor - Now normally the birth of siamese twins is a joyous occasion, but of them was pure evil.wav
Doctor - To crazy for boy's town, too much of boy for crazy town, the child was an outcast, so we did the only humane thing.wav
Doctor - Wait a Minute.wav
Doctor - Well chalk this one up to carelessness on my part.wav
Doctor - Yes I remember Barts birth well.wav
Doctor - You'll both need to sign these.wav
Doctor - You've Got To Find Hugo.wav
Homer - Ahh, the old fishing hole, so peaceful and relaxing and doesn't even matter if I catch a fish. You stupid fish take the bait.wav
Homer - Bart you stay home and tape the hockey game.wav
Homer - Do you know what happens to nosy kids that ask too many questions.wav
Homer - Doh.wav
Homer - Don't blame me.wav
Homer - Fish heads, fish heads doo doo doo.wav
Homer - Hold on guys I'll help ya.wav
Homer - I suppose you want to probe me.wav
Homer - Lisa please.wav
Homer - Oh my God Marge, it's escaped.wav
Homer - Oh my God space aliens, don't eat me, I have a wife and kids, eat them.wav
Homer - Oh no, what have I done, what will I do, What do I do.wav
Homer - Oh that's silly, ha ha ha ha.wav
Homer - Right.wav
Homer - Stop those candidates are phoney, they're alien replicons from beyond the moon.wav
Homer - There I was, I had just caught the largest fish you'd ever seen, when I was abducted by a flying suacer.wav
Homer - These candidates make me wanna vomit in terror, I've got to stop them.wav
Homer - We chained Hugo up the Attic like an animal and fed him a bucket of fish heads once a week.wav
Homer - We think we saw Hugo at the airport, he was boarding a plane to Switzerland, oh.wav
Homer - When you were born there was an irregularity.wav
Homer - Who needs a car wash when you can just drive around in the rain.wav
Homer - Why won't anybody believe my crazy story.wav
homer - Yeah yeah, I'll go feed it.wav
Homer (and Alien) - What are you spraying me with (Rum, so no one would believe your story).wav
Homer (and Lisa) We'll start where any sick twisted might run too (I'll start with Radio Shack).wav
Hugo - I went mad after they tore us apart, but I'll be sane after I saw us back together.wav
Hugo - No it's easy, I've been practicing, I made a pigeon rat.wav
Hugo - Well let's get started, you want to be on the right or the left.wav
Lisa - Do you think it's safe.wav
Lisa - Eww, waffles.wav
Lisa - Give me the gift certificate.wav
Lisa - Hey these aren't waffles, these are square pancakes.wav
Lisa - Hurry Up, mom and dad will be home soon.wav
Lisa - I've created life.wav
Lisa - I've created Lutherans.wav
Lisa - Mom Hugo's eating his napink (laughing) that's so cute.wav
Lisa - Oh boy mold, that's science fair pay dirt.wav
Lisa - Oh my God Bart look.wav
Lisa - Ohhhh.wav
Lisa - Science has already proven the dangers of smoking, alcohol, and chinese food, but I can still ruin soft drinks for everyone.wav
Lisa - So I have two brothers.wav
Lisa - Stop it.wav
Lisa - Stupid Bart.wav
Lisa - That Bart is so rude.wav
Lisa - Tiny Little People.wav
Lisa - Wow it's almost like seeing into the future.wav
Lisa - You think I'm God.wav
Lisa - You're world is incredible and you speak english.wav
Lisa (and Bart) - What's up there. Is it a monster.wav
Maggie 01.wav
Marge - Hugo is loose.wav
Marge - I don't understand why we have to build a ray gun, to aim at a planet I've never even heard of.wav
Marge - I think I'll bottle feed that one.wav
Marge - I'm very disappointed and terrified.wav
Marge - It saved our marriage.wav
Marge - See ya soon.wav
Marge - That's Slick Willy for ya, always with the small talk.wav
Marge - Yes doctor, it's what we always feared, its loose.wav
Marge - You finish you're fish heads, then we'll talk.wav
Marge - You have a brother.wav
Marge - You see we haven't been entirely honest with you.wav
Other (and Lisa) - Only your devine intervention can save us from the devil (The devil, what devil).wav
Simpsons - End Title (Tree House of Horror).wav
Skinner - First rate work Bart.wav
DVD extra scene - Alien (and Marge) Insemination Complete (really) (more).wav
DVD extra scene - Alien - To Put you at ease we have recreated the most common spawning (more).wav
DVD extra scene - Homer - Hello, oh great, Mormons.wav
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