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icon Allie - Arrogant Son Of Bitch.wav
Icon Allie - Don't Touch Me, I Hate You, I Hate You.wav
Icon Allie - Don't Touch Me.wav
Icon Allie - Get Out Of Here And Just Go Some Place, You Want To.wav
icon Allie - I Should Go, Goodbye.wav
Icon Allie - I'm Going Crazy Over Here But No With You Everything's Fine. You Don't Have A Care In The World.wav
icon Allie - I'm Just, I'm Just Surprised, How Did You Find Me.wav
Icon Allie - I'm So Sorry, I Should Have Called.wav
Icon Allie - It Was Real Wasn't It, You And Me, Such A Long Time Ago We Were JUst a Couple Kids. We Really Loved Each Other Didn't We.wav
Icon Allie - I've Never Seen Anything So Beautiful.wav
icon Allie - Like What Are You Thinking Right Now, You Know Right This Second, Did You Know This Was Going To Happen When You Brought Me Here (No) No, You Didn't Think About It (more).wav
Icon Allie - Look I Need You To Tell Him Something. I Need You To Tell Him That I Love Him And Tell Him That I'm Sorry For Everything.wav
icon Allie - Oh Geeze, What a Line, Do You Use That On All The Girls.wav
Icon Allie - Oh I Do Wish I Could Figure Out The End Of This Story.wav
Icon Allie - Please Don't Do This, You Don't Mean It.wav
Icon Allie - What Happen To Me.wav
icon Allie (And Noah) - Why Didn't You Write Me. Why. It Wasn't Over For Me. I Waited For You for 7 Years. And Now It's Too Late (I Wrote You 365 Letters, I Wrote You Everyday For A Year) You Wrote Me (Yes, It Wasn't Over, It Still Isn't Over).wav
Icon Allie - Why Don't You Just Go, Get Out, Leave, Go, Go. Oh No, Just Wait a Minute. We Aren't Really Breaking Up Are We, Come On. This Is Just a Fight Were Having (more).wav
icon Allie - Why Would I Want To Go Anywhere With You.wav
Icon Allie - Why You Lookin At Me Like That.wav
Icon Allie - You Gotta Be Kidding Me, All This Time, That's What I've Been Missing. Let's Do It Again.wav
Icon Allie (And Anne) - Tell Me About The Letters Mother, Is It True (Yes) You Watched Me Cry Myself To Sleep For Months and Months And You Never Said Anything. How Could You (I'm Sorry).wav
icon Allie (And Duke) - Do You Think Our Love, Can Take Us Away Together (I Think Our Love Can Do Anything We Want It To) I Love You (I Love You Allie) Goodnight (Goodnight, I'll Be Seeing You).wav
Icon Allie (And Duke) - Do You Think, That Our Love Can Create Miracle (Yes I Do, That's What Brings You Back To Me Each Time).wav
icon Allie (And Duke) - It Was Us, It Was Us (Oh My Sweet Heart I Love You So Much) Noah.wav
Icon Allie (And Duke) - This Is A Good Story (I'm Glad You Like It) I Think I've Heard It Before (Yes) Perhaps More Than Once.wav
Icon Allie (And Duke) - What He Really Should Have Done Is Just Told Those Parents to Go To Hell and Stick Where The Sun Don't Shine (Yeah He Probably Should Of).wav
Icon Allie (And Duke) - What's Gonna Happen, When I Can't Remember Anything Anymore. What Will You Do (I'll Be Here, I'll Never Leave You).wav
icon Allie (And Duke) - Will You Tell Them I Love Them (Of Course I Will) I'm Sorry (I'll Tell Them Sweetheart).wav
Icon Allie (And Duke) - Wow So Many Pills How Sick Are You (Oh Sickness has Been a Relative Term For Me. I Think Of It Now More Of General Wearing Out Process).wav
icon Allie (And Lon) - I Need To Get Away (Okay) I Need To Take Care Of Few Thing, I Need To Clear My Head (Okay, Should I Be Worried) No, I Don't Think So.wav
Icon Allie (And Lon) - I Think You Might Have Overlooked One Minor Detail (What's That) You See You Have To Get Their Permission First. I Think You Might Have Over Estimated Their Affection For You (more).wav
Icon Allie (And Noah) - I Am Free (You Don't Seem Like It) Well I Am.wav
Icon Allie (And Noah) - I Have To Warn You, I'm a Cheap Drunk. A Couple More Of These And You'll Have To Carry Me Right Out Of Here (more).wav
icon Allie (And Noah) - Painting (Huh) You Asked Me What I Do For Me (oh) You Asked Me What I Do For. I Love To Paint. (Yeah Huh) Most Of The Time I have The Thought Floating Around In My Head (more).wav
Icon Allie (And Noah) - The House, It's Beautiful What You Did (Well I Promised You I Would).wav
icon Allie (And Noah) - This Place Is Gigantic (Yeah A Gigantic Piece of Crap).wav
Icon Allie (And Noah) - Well What About Me, Don't I Get Any Say In This (You Want A Say In This) Yes I Would (What Do You Want) I Want A White House With Blue Shutters (more).wav
Icon Allie (And Noah) - What Happens If A Car Comes (You Die) What (Just Relax, Just Trust. You Need To Learn How To Trust).wav
Icon Allie (And Noah) - Why You Looking At Me Like That (Memories).wav
icon Allie (And Noah) - You're Gonna Get Run Over (By All The Cars?).wav
Icon Allie (And Ann And Daddy) - It's Not Final (Yes It Is) No It's Not Final, You're Not Going To Tell Me Who I'm Going To Love. (Love) Yes Daddy I Love Him. I Love Him.wav
icon Anne - I Hope You Make The Right Choice.wav
Icon Anne - Very Embarrasing I'm A Stupid Woman, Look At Me I'm a Big Ole Bawl Bag.wav
Icon Anne (And Allie) - You Came Down Here, You Knew What You Were Doing, You Knew This Would Happen (Oh So Now I'm A Tramp. You Are Unbelievable Unbelievable).wav
Icon Anne (and Dad, Anne) - That child's got too much spirit for a girl of that circumstance. (Naw, It's Just Summer Love) Trouble Is What It Is.wav
icon Daughter (And Duke) - She Seems Good Today (She Is Good).wav
Icon Doctor (And Duke) - Well I Just Don't Want You To Get Your Hopes Up (Well You Know What they Say Doc. Science Only Goes so Far, Then Comes God).wav
icon Duke - Damn I Forget To Turn The Page For Her.wav
Icon Duke - He Wrote One Letter A Day For a Year. Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Letters. But They all Went Unanswered. Finally, After a Year Of Silence, He Decided It Was All Behind Him And Start A New Life. So He Wrote a Farewell Letter, And He And Fin Packed Their Bags and Headed For Atlanta.wav
Icon Duke - Hi Sweetheart, I'm Sorry I Haven't Been Able To Be Here To Read To You.wav
Icon Duke - It Was An Impropable Romance. He Was a Country Boy. She Was From The City. She Had The World At Her Feet. While He Didn't Have Two Dimes To Rub Together.wav
icon Duke - Noah Took A Look At The House But Only Saw One Thing, Allie.wav
Icon Duke - Noah Was Desperate, He Wrote To Allie To Say He Was Sorry And Stupid For Breaking Up With Her. He Wrote To Tell Her, He Still Loved Her(more).wav
icon Duke - She Agreed With All Her Heart, But Couldn't Understand At The Very Moment She Said Yes. Noahs Face Came To Her Mind.wav
Icon Duke - She Had Come Back Into His Life Like A Sudden Flame, Blazing And Streaming Into His Heart.wav
Icon Duke - Summer Romances Can End For All Kinds Of Reasons, But When All Is Said And Done They Have One Thing In Common They Are Shooting Stars, A Spectacular Moment Of Light In The Heavens A Fleeting Glimpse Of Eternity, And In a Flash They're Gone.wav
Icon Duke - That's My Sweet Heart In There. I'm Not Leaving Her. This Is My Home Now. Your Mother Is My Home.wav
icon Duke - They Didn't Agree on Much, In Fact They Rarely Agreed On Anything, They Fought All The Time. And They Challenged Each Other Everyday And Despite Their Indifferences They Had One Thing In Common. They Were Crazy About Each Other.wav
Icon Duke (And Allie) - Nothing Is Ever Lost or Can Be Lost. The Body, Sluggish, Aged, Cold The Embers Left From Earlier Fires. Shall Duly Flame Again (Did You Write That) No, That Was Walt Witman.wav
icon Duke (And Allie) - And They Lived Happily Ever After (Who, Who Did).wav
Icon Duke (And Allie) - Armed With Warnings And Doubts. Noah And Allie Gave A Remarkable Convicing Betrayal Of A Boy And A Girl (more) They Fell In Love Didn't They.wav
Icon Duke (And Nurse) - Big Day Today (You Say That Every Day You Ole Devil).wav
Icon Fin (And Noah And Allie) - What Are You Guys Doing (Do You Want To Walk With Me) (more).wav
icon Frank - You Bleeding Any Where, No, Everything Good, I Love You.wav
Icon Frank (And Allie) - Did You Do This (MmHmm) Why That's Beautiful Look At That, That's a Damn Picture There.wav
icon Frank (And Allie, Noah) Say How Would You Like Some Breakfast. Would You Like Some Breakfast (Breakfast) (Dad It's 10 O'clock) (more).wav
Icon Harry (And Duke) - I Keep Trying To Die But they Won't Let Me (Well You Can't Have Everything).wav
Icon Lon - I Love You Allie, But I Want You For Myself, I Don't Want To Have To Convince My Fiance That She Should Be With Me.wav
Icon Lon - I Love You, Will You Marry Me Allie. I Know I Kid Around A Lot, But I'm Crazy About You. Marry Me, Make Me The Happiest Man In The World (Yes, Yes, Yes).wav
icon Lon - Is Everything Okay.wav
Icon Lon - Look It's Normal Not To Forget Your First Love.wav
icon Lon - So What's Up.wav
Icon Martha - She's Sensational, She Really Is.wav
Icon Martha - Sometimes When You Talk To Me You Don't Even See Me. Look A Woman Knows When A Man Looks Into Her Eyes and Sees Somebody Else.wav
Icon Noah - I Am No One Special; just a common man with common thoughts, and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten (more).wav
icon Noah - I See You Got My Letters, Finally.wav
Icon Noah - I Was Being Drawn To You.wav
icon Noah - I'm Not Going To Have Nice Things, Fancy Things. It's Just, It's Never Going To Happen. It's Not In The Cards For Me.wav
Icon Noah - My Dearest Allie. I couldn't sleep last night because I know that it's over between us. I'm not bitter anymore, because I know that what we had was real. And if in some distant place in the future we see each other in our new lives, I'll smile at you with joy and remember how we spent the summer beneath the trees, learning from each other and growing in love. The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds, and that's what you've given me. That's what I hope to give to you forever. I love you. I'll be seeing you. Noah.wav
Icon Noah - So It's Not Going To Be Easy, It's Going To Be Really Hard. We're going To Have To Work At This Everyday. But I'm Going To Do That Because I Want You.wav
Icon Noah - Thirty Years From Now, Forty Years From Now. What's It Look Like. If It's With That Guy Go, Go. I Lost You Once, I Can Do It Again (more).wav
icon Noah - Thirty Years From Now, Forty Years From Now. What's It Look Like. If It's With That Guy Go, Go. I Lost You Once, I Can Do It Again If I Thought It Was What You Really Wanted.wav
Icon Noah - This Is Not About Keeping Your Promise, And It's Not About Following Your Heart. It's about Security.wav
icon Noah - Trying To Figure Out What You Do For Fun.wav
Icon Noah - We Better Get Going The Rain's Coming.wav
Icon Noah - You Tell Me When I'm Being An Arrogant Son Of A Bitch and I Tell You When Your Being a Pain In the Ass. Which You Are 99% Of The Time. I'm Not Afraid To Hurt Your Feelings. They Have About a 2 Second Rebound Rate And Then Your Doing The Next Pain In The Ass Thing.wav
Icon Noah - Your Bored. Your Bored And You Know It, And You Wouldn't Be Here If There Wasn't Something Missing.wav
icon Noah - Your Trying To Kill Me Woman, (kisses), I Need Rest, I Need Food So I Can Regain My Strength.wav
Icon Noah (and Allie And Fin) - You Look Great (Aw Thanks) Really Really Great (You Do Look Great, You Look Great And I Know I Look Great) So Can We Please Go See This Movie. The Shows About To Start.wav
icon Noah (And Allie) - Will you go out with me. (What, No) No (No) Why not? (I dunno, because I don't want to) Alright, then you leave me no other choice. I'm gonna ask you one more time, will you or will you not go out with me. I think my hand's slipping. (OK, OK. Fine I'll go out with you) No, don't do me any favors. (No, no I want to) You Want To (Yes) Say it. (I wanna go out with you) Say it again (I Wanna Go With You) All right, all right we'll go out. (You Think You Are So Smart don't You) (more)
Icon Noah (And Allie) - Bum Bum Bum (Your A Terrible Singer) I Know (But I Like This Song).wav
Icon Noah (and Allie) - Come On One Date What's It Going To Hurt (I Don't Think So) What Can I Do To Change Your Mind (I Guess You'll Figure Something Out).wav
Icon Noah (And Allie) - Do You Remember Me (Yeah Sure Mr Underwear Was It) Oh Yeah (How Could I Forget).wav
icon Noah (And Allie) - Do You Want To Dance With Me (No) Well Why Not (Because I Don't Want To).wav
Icon Noah (And Allie) - Here We Go, On The Count Of Three, Okay. One, Two, Three (No I Can't) Get In The Water, Get In, I'm Sorry, Get In The Water Baby (more).wav
icon Noah (And Allie) - I Got to Think About Some Stuff (What Do You Have To Think About, Huh, Come Here. Talk To me. Talk To Me).wav
Icon Noah (And Allie) - I Love You. Did You Know That (I Love You Too).wav
Icon Noah (And Allie) - We Can Be Friends Right (Right).wav
Icon Noah (And Allie) - What Am I Going To Do In New York (Be With Me).wav
icon Noah (And Allie) - When I See Something That I Like, I Got... I Love It. I Mean I Go Crazy For It (What Are You Talking About) Why You (Oh, You're Good).wav
Icon Noah (And Allie) - You Could Try It If You Wanted To (No).wav
icon Noah (And Allie) - You Just Tell Me What You Want And I'll Be That For You (Your Dumb) I Can Be That.wav
Icon Noah (And Allie) - Your a Bird (Now Say Your a Bird Too) If You're a Bird I'm a Bird.wav
Icon Noah (And Frank) - You Sell The House Where You Gonna Live (With You Dumby Gonna Help You Fix It Up).wav
Icon Nurse - Some Fresh Air Will Do You Good.wav
icon Nurse (And Duke) - Welcome Back, How Do You Feel (Fine, Fit As A Fiddle).wav
Icon Nurse (And Duke) - Where Ya Goin (I Was Just Taking A Walk, Can't Sleep) You Know Your Not Suppose To It's Against The Rules (more).wav
icon Song Clip, I'll Be seeing You, In All That This Heart Embraces.wav
Icon Sound Effect - Glasses Clinking.wav
Icon The Notebook Theme (Main Title).wav
( 111 The Notebook Movie Clips)

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