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icon FX Movie Beginning.wav
Icon Agent - It is time to talk.wav
Icon Agent - This is the beginning of the end of your life.wav
Icon Analyst - I am so underdressed.wav
icon Analyst (And Sam) - What are you here for (Um, I bought a car, it turned out to be an alien robot, who knew).wav
Icon Captain Lennox - (Crash) What the hell was that.wav
icon Captain Witwicky - No Sacrifice, No Victory.wav
Icon Defense Secretary - This is so not good.wav
Icon Frenzy - Oh sh*t.wav
Icon Glen - Don't talk to me, don't talk to me.wav
icon Glen - Get off my Grandma's carpet, she don't like nobody on her carpet, especially police.wav
Icon Glen - I have done nothing bad my entire life, hey man I'm still a virgin.wav
icon Glen - She did it, she did it, she's the one you want. I was just sitting at home playing video games with my cousin and she came in there.wav
Icon Grandma - Are you playing those video games again.wav
Icon Ironhide (And Ratchet, Optimus) - The parents very irritating, can I take them out (Ironhide, you know we don't harm humans) I'm just saying we could take them out, it's an option.wav
Icon Keller - Losings not really an option for these guys.wav
icon Keller (And Glen, Maggie) - Your coming with me, your going to be my advisor (Me too) Who is this (He's my advisor) He comes too.wav
Icon Lennox (and Epps) I need a credit card (pocket) which pocket (my back pocket) You've got ten back pockets (left cheek, left cheek, left cheek).wav
icon Lennox (And phone attendant) - (war sounds) I don't have a credit card (Sir, the attitude isn't going to speed things up at all, I'm going to ask that you speak into the mouth clearly) (more war sounds).wav
Icon Megatron - Give me the all spark, and you may live to be my pet.wav
Icon Megatron - Is it fear or courage that compels you fleshling.wav
Icon Megatron - You fail me yet again Starscream.wav
icon Megatron (And Sam) - Are you Samuel James Whitwickey Decented of Archebal Whitwicky - - (Yeah).wav
Icon Mikaela - Sam, no matter what happens I'm really glad I got in the car with you.wav
icon Mikaela - You are the strangest boy I have ever met.wav
Icon Mikaela - You know what I don't understand. If this is suppose to be some advance computer, why it transforms into this piece of crap camero.wav
Icon Mikaela (And Sam) - Nice shot (tank is definitely dead now).wav
Icon Mikaela (And Sam) - Sam (Hi) That was uh really awesome (It felt awesome).wav
icon Mikaela (And Sam) - What is it (It's a robot, but like uh, like a super advance robot. It's probably Japanese. Yeah, it's definitely Japanese).wav
Icon Mikaela (And Trent) - Oh God I can't even tell you how much I'm not your little bunny (Okay, you'll call me).wav
icon Miles - Bros before hoes.wav
Icon Miles (and Sam) - What are you talking about man (Satans camero in my yard, it's stalking me).wav
Icon Mom Witwicky - (Car Rev) Wow you are so cheap (That's his first car it's suppose to be like that).wav
Icon Mom Witwicky - You are so defensive.wav
icon Mom Witwicky - You hurt my dog, I'll kick your ass.wav
Icon Mom Witwicky (And Agent) - God Lord they better get their hands off my bush You better get those guys out of my garden or I'm going to beat the crap out of them.wav
icon Mom Witwicky (And Sam) - Why are you so sweaty and filthy (I'm a child, I'm a teenager).wav
Icon Mom Witwicky (And Sam, Dad) - Your so defensive, were you masterbating (Was I Masterbating, No mom) (Sams happy time, my alone time) (I'm sorry, I had a little bit to drink).wav
Icon Optimus - (Splashing Sounds) Bumblebee, stop lubricating the man (Get that thing to stop huh).wav
Icon Optimus - Please hurry.wav
icon Optimus - Relieve them of their weapons.wav
Icon Optimus - Transformers Beginning Speech.wav
icon Optimus - We live among it's people now, hiding in plain site, but watching over them in secret. Waiting. Protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and thou we are worlds apart,(more)..wav
Icon Optimus - We lost a great comrade, but gained new one. Thank you, all of you, you honor us with your bravery.wav
Icon Optimus (and Megatron) - It's you and me, Megatron. (No. There it's just me, Prime).wav
Icon Optimus Prime - Get out of the car.wav
icon Police Officer - Ok chiefy. Time to fill er up, and no drippy drippy.wav
Icon Police Officer (and Sam) - (Pills Shaking) Found it in your pocket. Mojo. Is that what the kids are doing now, a little bit of Mojo. (Those are my dogs pain pills).wav
icon President - Can you wrangle me up some ding dongs darlin.wav
Icon Ratchet - The boys pheromone levels suggests he wants to mate with the female.wav
Icon Ratchet (And Ironhide) - Wow that was tingling. I'll have to try that. (That looks fun).wav
Icon Sam - (Gut Hit) Aww, that hurt (More groans).wav
icon Sam - Alright I know you get wasted on these things, but if you piss in my again, you're sleeping outside.wav
Icon Sam - I can't be any clear, then crystal clear I am being.wav
icon Sam - I take paypal and cold hard cash works too.wav
Icon Sam - Just ask yourself, what would Jesus do.wav
Icon Sam - So listen I was wondering if I could ride you home, um give you a ride home, in my car to your house.wav
Icon Sam - Yeah know I'm cool with females working on my engine. I prefer it actually..wav
icon Sam - Your B minus (explosion sound) gone kaput.wav
Icon Sam (And Dad Witwicky) - No no no no no dad aw you got to be kidding me (yeah I am, you're not getting a porsche).wav
icon Sam (And Ironhide) - Put the guns away, put them away (You have a rodent infestation should I terminate) It's a chihuaha (He leaked lubricants all over my foot) Bad Mojo (Ughhh, it's gonna rust).wav
Icon Sam (And Mikaela) - It wants us to get in the car (And go where) 50 years from now when you're looking back at your life don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car.wav
Icon Sam (And Optimum) - How'd ya learn to talk like that (We've learned earth languages through the World Wide Web).wav
Icon Sam (And Optimus) - You A holes are in trouble now, gentlemen I want to introduce you to my friend Optimus Prime (Taking the children was a bad move).wav
icon Sam (And teacher) - Pretty good right (I'd say a solid B minus) (You Were hocking your great grandfather crap in my class).wav
Icon Sam (And Trent) - Researching a book I was writing (Oh yeah what's it about, sucking at sports) now it's about the link between sports and brian damage.wav
icon Soldier - What the heck was that.wav
Icon Teacher - Sleep in fear tonight.wav
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